Louisville’s Hometown Heroes

The Hometown Heroes program began in 2002 as the sole project of the nonprofit Greater Louisville Pride Foundation (GLPF). Although the original intent of the program was to enhance civic pride by installing a jumbo photographic mural honoring Louisville native Muhammad Ali, it quickly expanded to include the recognition of other athletes with strong roots in the community. Today, the Hometown Heroes program has grown to honor a diverse group of famous Louisvillians from a variety of professions – all of whom have inspired others and represented our community to the rest of the world. The giant vinyl banners, some stretching as high as 60 feet, are essentially works of public art and can be found on buildings throughout the Louisville metro area.

Hometown Heroes Tour

Using the map below, we invite you to create your own driving or walking tour around the city and see the Hometown Heroes banners for yourself. Help us celebrate the growing list of prominent individuals (and events) whose contributions and achievements have helped make Louisville the amazing community we live in today.

Nominate a Future Hero or Location

Suggestions for Hometown Heroes honorees come from individuals throughout the community, as well as from Louisville-area businesses. All suggestions are welcome. However, along with a potential honoree’s name, the GLPF also requires a sponsorship commitment to offset the cost of materials and labor to hang the mural when a candidate is selected. Fees can range between $5,000 and $50,000 depending upon the size and location of the banner. In addition, a suitable building must be found where a mural can be displayed for a minimum of at least two years. In short, the formula for posting a Hometown Heroes banner is:

Candidate + Consensus + Sponsor + Wall = Mural

Community Partners

The GLPF is sincerely thankful both to the building owners who have graciously given permission to have banners installed on their properties, as well as to the companies and organizations that believe in our mission. The Hometown Heroes program is made possible by the generous support and contributions of time, resources and services provided by the following groups: