Enid Yandell

Yandell was the first female sculptor from Kentucky to achieve international success and one of the first women inducted into the National Sculpture Society. She studied at Cincinnati’s Art Academy and was handpicked for the Columbian Exposition— also known as the Chicago World’s Fair — where she contributed to The Woman’s Building.

Her 40-foot-tall Pallas Athena statue for the 1897 Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition stood just outside the Parthenon.

Yandell trained in Paris and New York with Auguste Rodin and Frederick William MacMonnies and established the Branstock School of Art at Martha’s Vineyard in 1908.

Her work in Louisville includes the Daniel Boone statue and the figure of Pan in Hogan’s Fountain in Cherokee Park, and the Wheelman’s Bench in Wayside Park near Iroquois Park. Enid’s banner was installed in March 2019 and is located on the Harbison Building in Fort Nelson Park at Seventh and Main Streets.

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