Dr. Harold Kleinert & Dr. Joseph Kutz

Drs. Kleinert and Kutz are synonymous with the field of hand and upper extremity surgery. Together, they have helped make Louisville an internationally-known destination for excellence in this highly specialized field. Until Dr. Kleinert’s death in 2013, these physicians and researchers had been partners since 1964. And, the Center that bears their names is remains one of the largest hand care referral centers in the world – with notable achievements that include the nation’s first five hand transplants, research, therapy and orthotics. Dr. Kutz and his team continue to develop breakthrough procedures on the repair of digital arteries and flexor tendons, as well as a variety of hand, forearm and upper arm transplantation techniques. Both surgeons have received countless honors for their pioneering work and served as leaders in their professional societies. For more information about Drs. Kleinert and Kutz, click here.

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